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Upcycled Products 

Our Upcycled Products and Unique Home Gifts

Upcycled products are the hottest trend in home decor. As we work to handle the environmental challenges that our world faces, we need to develop new ways to give gifts to the people we love. Our key racks and wine cork trivets are made of upcycled materials.

These are gifts that help us move toward a zero waste way of living while still providing the coolest home decor to spice up your home.

We upcycle our products using the best corks and other would-be waste products. You’ll be getting stylish home decor with a second life. Not only can you breathe some life into your interior design, but you can help us find new ways to be sustainable while still having trendy decor.

Add Flare and Convenience With Our Key Racks

Key racks are more than just an upcoming trend in decor, they are a practical way to spice up your home.

When you’ve got a key rack, you don’t have to worry about where you placed your keys ever again. You’ll have a secure place to drop off your car, house, and even bike keys. This lets you stay organized while staying stylish.

Our key racks are made with upcycled materials. These are styling pieces of home decor that help prevent more waste from entering into our landfills. We throw out so much fantastic and usable materials each year. Our upcycled decor helps find new and innovative ways to decorate our homes. Our key rack is just another stylish piece of decor you can buy for yourself, or a gift to a friend, to help keep our world a little greener.

Check out our online store for a wide range of upcycled products and find something to liven up your home today!

Easy Style Wine Cork Trivets

Our wine cork trivets is one of our hottest upcycled products.

This trivet is made of upcycled wine corks and helps you keep your home stylish while showing off an environmentally conscious chic. There’s nothing quite like having some upcycled products in your home to help you up your style game.

A trivet is a key part of home’s style. Our wine cork trivets keep your countertops, tables, and desks protected from hot surfaces while looking great.

That mug of morning coffee or piping hot dinner can permanently damage a table or a desk. Our trivets help protect those surfaces and they look great as practical additions to your home decor.

Cork is a neutral material that blends into any style. Whether you are giving a gift to someone with a modern style or you want to add some flare to your rustic decor, our cork trivets are what you’ve been looking for.

Head over to our online store and find the upcycled decor that will completely refresh your home!

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